The basic concept of wearable LED party glasses has been around for a few years now, thanks to the release of Macetech's RGB shades, but they have been confined to the do-it-yourself community of tech savvy enthusiasts. Other devices on the market can be very expensive, and usually have to be tethered to a battery pack in your pocket. Our flagship product, LEDvision, are based on the same concepts but were designed from the ground up to give you the most jaw dropping and hi-tech party experience without requiring any tech savvy knowledge.

From the user interface, we have built in 4 control buttons that control the brightness, patterns, modes, and much more. Here is an image of the instruction card that comes in the box.

The user interface has a microelectromechanical microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, Micro USB charging, and programmable status LEDs.

Top of User Interface PCB

Bottom of User Interface PCB


The microphone has 24-bit precision, allowing us to provide high resolution spectrum analysis for sound reactive patterns.

The LED frame pcb is built with the new WS2813 Addressable LED chipset providing higher robustness than its WS2812 predecessor. The frame also has an ergonomic nose piece for comfort, and built-in mounting loops for the headband.